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While the word fashion may be in the name, this isn’t a fashion blog. Sure, I’ll be discussing fashion as well as beauty, books I’ve enjoyed, TV, pop culture and more, but this is not a fashion blog.

Whether you’re meeting someone new, going out to dinner with friends, quitting your job or just grabbing a quick coffee, I believe you should always take the fashionable approach to situations. Does that mean showing up to Starbucks in 6 inch heels and a Birkin on your arm? Hey if that’s your thing, by all means feel free, but personally I’m more of a sneakers type of gal for my coffee runs. Taking the fashionable approach is more than how you look; it’s how you represent yourself. No one wants to be remembered as the hot mess waiting for their coffee after a walk of shame, still stumbling on their words. It’s not a good look.

Taking a fashionable approach in your life means that you not always look ready, you act it. You’re prepared, you’re poised and you’re representing yourself in the best way.

You’re taking the fashionable approach.

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