Summer Bucket List

I love the idea of a bucket list, but it’s something that I’ve never put much thought into. Sure, I’ve made a list of things I want to try out and places I want to see but that’s for my entire life. Recently, I had a friend post about how they make a summer bucket list every year and I thought it was such an interesting idea!

What I especially love is that a summer bucket list can be filled with smaller, more achievable goals. I love the idea of a small list of interesting goals to complete before summer is over. I already can’t believe that May and June passed by so quickly, it feels like summer is slipping away! So I decided to give this a try for this summer and make a little list of my own.



Summer Bucket List 2017

1- Go zip lining
2- Watch the sun come up
3- Drive on the highway (26 and still don’t have my license yet, hollaa!)
4- Have pink hair (total inspo from my girl @fashionpanache)
5- Take a mini roadtrip
6- Have a pajama day in the middle of the week
7- Explore caves
8- Have a social media free day
9- Read at least 15 books (I’ve already made some lists so hopefully this one is easy!)
10- Have a picnic by the water
11- Have a bonfire
12- Watch the sun set
13- Garden more
Some of these are easier than others (not sure where I’m finding caves in Montreal but I’ll give it a try!) but I’m excited to have made myself a list to give me some summer guidance. I’ll be doing a followup post at the end of summer reflecting on my list and how many of the items I was able to check off so be sure to keep and eye out for that!

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  1. I LOVE your list. I love how simple some items are and yet you will surely find so much pleasure in doing them. Zip lining is sooo much fun, I did it in Jamaica and although it was a bit scary, I had the best time and made such great memories. Looking forward to seeing how you do with this list 🙂

  2. Thank you! I wanted to make sure the list was something I could stick to and didn’t set myself up for something too big and then not be able to commit!

  3. This list is amazing!! Girl you could totally achieve all of these!! Getting your license is so freeing, I love bonfires, and think a social media free day is an amazing idea! Zip lining is also so rad!
    Keep us posted!

  4. This sounds like a fun list. I’ve been wanting to go zip lining, but I didn’t realize how pricey it was :/ Maybe if there’s ever a sale!

  5. Oh em gee. I LOVE your blue jacket!!! (I am dying to try pink hair too) Good luck with getting your driver’s license! I failed it 3 times. Lol.

  6. Never thought to do a summer bucket list. Totally stealing this idea:-) And probably some of your list items as well. I especially like #9 – aggressive but attainable goal. I definitely need to read more. Awesome idea, thank you!

  7. What a great list! It’s the simple things in life sometimes. I hope you get to do all of your things and more! ☀️

  8. Wow this is an amazing list, I need to make me a summer bucket list. I have been Zip Lining and it was so fun, you will enjoy it for sure!

  9. what a fun bucket list! I always feel like summers are never long enough and I never get everthing done. Glad you wrote it down so now you can have an idea 🙂

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