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Well hello there,

I would like to officially introduce myself to everyone. My name is Krystal and I am the one behind the scenes at A Fashionable Approach. Since starting AFA, I’ve been a bit all over the place with my posts and really inconsistent. I’ve realized that just because fashion is in the title, doesn’t mean that it needs to be geared towards only fashion. Which is why I decided to relaunch myself as a lifestyle blog.

When I first started blogging I really just wanted a creative outlet. Something that I could create on my own, curate to my liking and be able to work on when the stress of school and work were getting to me. Initially, that’s what it was. Then I slowly started getting invited to events and speaking with brands and it felt like that’s all I was doing on here, was writing for other people. I wasn’t writing because I wanted to, I was writing because I felt that I had to. Slowly, I let AFA fade to the background and started paying no attention to it at all.

This summer I decided that it was time to focus on what I love again: creating! I love having AFA because it is something that is only mine and it is where I can be completely open. I write when I want, about what I want.

Out with the Old

So welcome to the new A Fashionable Approach, a lifestyle blog that will focus on things such as fashion, beauty, DIY, pop culture, female empowerment and so much more! I’ll still be writing about the events I go to and any new products/places I try that I think everyone would love, I’ve just learned to find a balance between writing about things to make others happy and writing about things that make me happy.

You may notice that some old posts have been removed; they’re the ones I felt no longer fit with what I want AFA to grow into. Some others, the ones that are special to me, are still alive and kicking. I’m excited for this chapter and I hope that you’ll all stick around to see what I have planned – I promise no more disappearing acts!

xx Krystal



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