Terrasses Bonsecours Grand Opening

I have to believe that the sun came out in full force last Thursday just for the partygoers at Terrasses Bonsecours. It was the hottest day we have had yet, it was the sunniest day that we have had yet and it was was the perfect way to kick off terrace season.
Drinks were flowing, appetizers were being served and the sun was shining down HARD. Upon arrival I asked if I could be seated somewhere more in the shade and the look the hostesses gave me was hilarious. I am a pale ghost by nature and I believe in protecting my skin from the sun at all costs; I’m that pale girl who wears sunscreen daily, invests in hats and tries to stay out of the sun during peak hours. Guilty.

The hostesses tried to find the place on the open terrace that was the most shaded and hidden from the sun. They were so sweet and managed to find a spot without direct sun beaming on me, which was much appreciated.
After being seated, our fabulous waitress came over and introduced herself and took our orders. Not only was she beautiful (an obvious requirement when working in the nightlife industry) but she was so bubbly, helpful and had such a genuine personality. Throughout the entire night she ensured my table had excellent service and it was really wonderful having her as the person responsible for us.
The night started with some mild confusion among the waitstaff and management – whenever there is a media event at an opening night this is inevitable. But the waitstaff handled it so well and worked hard to ensure everyone was having a fabulous time.
Ketel One Vodka was there whipping up drinks and serving boozy popsicles – my new summer obsession! They were going table to table serving specially made margaritas and Caesars, properly respecting that it was National Caesar Day, and handing out the frozen boozy pops.
There was also a section reserved for special vendors at the event. I had the pleasure of testing out an all natural scrub from Beautitude Luxury Bodycare and it was amazing. Not only did the products from Beautitude Luxury Bodycare smell absolutely delicious, by the ladies there went through all of the products with me and they are products I would definitely recommend! I love that they’re all natural and how gentle they were on my sensitive skin.
The next table I visited belonged to Crue Cosmetics,  an all natural, organic and vegan hair product company. They spoke to me about their different products and all the benefits they provide. Not only do they also smell wonderful, but they can help with hair re-growth, hair damage and all around unruly hair. They gave me a sample of some of their hair oils and as soon as I get my hair done this weekend, which always entails lots of bleach, I will begin testing them out!
Overall I really enjoyed the night! It was my first time visiting the Terrasses Bonsecours 5 a 7 and I can confidently say I will be returning. The drinks were delicious, the food was great and the prices were typical 5 a 7 pricing for a downtown place, which is generally a bit less expensive than most Old Port venues so it is definitely affordable. And the atmosphere of the location is light, fun and overall extremely enjoyable. I definitely recommend this terrace to anyone looking to let loose and have some fun, especially right after work!

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  1. Definitely going to be trying this place out soon! I’ve never been and I work just around the corner!

  2. Oh my goodness a BooziePop!?! Who came up with this wonderful invention!! I’m going to need to do some research on how I can get some!

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