Bring on the cheese, please!

I know that I’ve already talked about one of my favourite go to cheese places, Mlt Down, in a previous post – but I had to give them some more attention. They’ve recently started serving burgers and I promise you, they are not to be missed!

I’m not the biggest burger enthusiast, so I really wasn’t expecting to be that impressed. I rarely order burgers when out at restaurants and it’s even rarer that I actually enjoy them. When I received the invite to test their burgers, I was somewhat excited because I know that these guys only produce quality items but I was still a bit skeptical as to whether or not I’d really enjoy it.

My skepticism flew out the door the second they brought my burger to my table. Not only were they patient with me picking apart the burger as I ordered it (I’m probably the pickiest eater you will ever dine with) but they also gave me great suggestions to let me personalize it to my liking.

The presentation was perfect; I loved that they had the burgers plated on a cutting board rather than a standard plate. The burger came accompanied by their famous waffle fries and garnished with a pickle. As soon as I took my first bite, I knew I’d be returning again for more!

The burger was fabulous! It was juicy, covered in various cheeses, made to order and cooked perfectly. It was put together so well and I never once worried about the contents falling out of the bun. It was an amazing burger experience!

With summer just around the corner, the burger bar addition to Mlt Down’s already delicious menu is just another reason to check them out!

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