Biscuits and Confetti

Last weekend I had the pleasure of trying out Biscuits and Confetti. For anyone who hasn’t visited yet, Biscuits and Confetti is a kid-friendly cafe/creative space located on Sherbrooke Street in NDG. Anyone who knows me knows that I am more likely to end up somewhere adult-only than kid-friendly, so I was a bit skeptical when trying this place. 

As soon as I walked in, my reservations went out the door. When I read kid-friendly, I automatically assumed that I would be walking into a McDonald’s playroom where kids would be running around screaming and I would have to hold on to my coffee mug for dear life. I could not have been more wrong.

I sat down with the owner, Jennifer Podmore, who I was surprised to find out doesn’t have children. After playing the role of active aunt to her sister and friends babies, she realized there was a serious lack in the market for places that offer parents quality items and kids a fun space. With that realization, Biscuits and Confetti was born.


The vibe when you walk in is fun and chill. The kids are all playing and hanging out but doing their own thing. Between the various play areas and the bounce house they had set up in the private room (5 year old me was dying to jump in) the kids had so many options to choose from. There was even an adorable reading area set up with blankets, pillows and a reading tent. I contemplated crawling in for a mid-morning nap…

Apart from the decor and the amazing atmosphere, the menu was essentially catered to fulfill all my snack needs. Granted, I eat like a picky 5 year old so a menu catered to children works out perfectly for me. Not only were the kid’s classics like grilled cheese and goldfish crackers, there were also delicious baked good like cupcakes and brownies and more. They were placed on adorable colourful cake stands, which made them all the more appealing. There is even merchandise set up where parents can buy books, games and apparel for their kids.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed myself and how eager I am to go back. This place is the perfect place for parents to bring their kids to have fun while the adults enjoy quality caffeine and delicious snacks. It’s fun, the atmosphere is relaxing and fun and everything that is served is of excellent quality. I definitely approve and most definitely recommend.

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