My Meltdown Over MLT Down

To say that I like cheese would be like saying that Carrie Bradshaw likes shoes. It’s an understatement and doesn’t quite explain the relationship.
Thankfully, MLT Down is the type of restaurant that understands the love of cheese. The restaurant is made up of various heavenly versions of the basic grilled cheese. When I visited last week, I sat with one of the owners, Aly Moloo (all locations are co-owned by himself and his brother Rahim) and he told me about their experience in the food industry and how MLT Down had originally started in Kingston Ontario. It was apparent that the pair are not only passionate about the food industry, but that they are responsible for all the unique dishes offered and that customer satisfaction is extremely important to them. After going over the menu and not knowing which of the dishes to try, Aly suggested that I get a real taste for what they offer and ordered me three of the most popular items on the menu.

Mac and cheese grilled cheese, poutine grilled cheese – made with crispy waffle fries, and my now personal favourite: the Jalapeño Rancher a heavenly sandwich made with aged cheddar, jalapeño jack, herb chicken, house-made cilantro ranch, bacon and jalapeños on thick cut Texas white.
When these sandwiches came out- yes I ate all three, no judgements please, I was so excited to try them all. Not only did they end up tasting delicious, but they smelled and looked amazing too. You could tell that all of the products were fresh, made there and that the word processed was not one found in this kitchen.
The menu has an assortment of dishes that could appeal to anyone, even those who don;t eat gluten or have a lactose intolerance can be catered to. Not only do they have delicious food, but they also have their liquor license!
All in all, I would definitely suggest this place! They’re currently located in the Plateau on Mont-Royale E and at Carrefour Laval, though a little bird told me that a downtown location could be in the near future. Regardless, check them out and you will not be disappointed!

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