Feel It On The First – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Alright ladies, listen up!! We all know how much cancer sucks. It takes the people that we love, it ruins lives and families, it’s terrible. And since October is #breastcancerawareness month, we’re going to do just that and raise some awareness!

Now I’ve been lucky enough to have never been affected directly by breast cancer. The women in my family have never had it and no one close to me has either. I also however, have never done a self examination on myself. Ever. As I write this I am embarrassed to admit that at 24 years old I’ve yet to take the time to exam my own body. Well today, all of that changed.


A Fashionable Approach is teaming up with breast cancer survivor and an all around inspirational, kickass woman Nalie Agustin to help spread awareness for her campaign #feelitonthefirst.

Believe it or not, this Instagram campaign actually led a woman to perform a self examination where she noticed some abnormalities and was able to go see a doctor right away. Had she not participated in #feelitonthefirst who knows how long she could have gone undetected. Here’s how you participate:

1 – take a selfie of you feeling your breast
2 – post it with the Hashtag #feelitonthefirst
3 – tag three girlfriends to join in and to do the same

The more people we reach the better! Encourage all if your sisters to #feelitonthefirst and protect themselves! Read more about Nalie Agustin and her incredible journey here.

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