Adopt, Don’t Shop

I absolutely adore dogs. I always have. They are the sweetest, most loving creatures on this planet. They give you unconditional love and they really are man, and woman’s, best friend.

Three months ago my boyfriend and I made the decision to adopt a dog. we had both wanted one for so long and it felt like it was finally the perfect time to make the commitment. So we started looking online at the SPCA and other animal adoption agencies. I found a few here and there that I thought could possibly be a good fit for us, but none felt right. I kept looking for a few more weeks until one day on my lunch break I found an article from MTL Blog about dogs currently available for adoption. I started browsing through it and found a dog named Pressley. She had the sweetest eyes I had ever seen and just looking at her picture made my heart race. All I wanted to do was hug her.


I immediately emailed the link to her posting to my boyfriend and he agreed that we should contact the agency right away. I filled out the adoption form and emailed it to Compassionate Animal Adoption (CAA) stressing how eager we were to meet with them. Sadly, someone else had reached out to them before we did and they were in the process of moving forward with the adoption. I was crushed. I couldn’t bring myself to look at more listings, something inside of me connected with the dog and I knew that she was the perfect fit for us. Rather than accepting defeat, I continued to email the agency. I let them know that we were still very interested in adopting her and that if the situation changed, we would be able to come and meet with them immediately.

As fate would have it, the woman originally interested in adopting Pressley was offered a job out of Canada and had to reconsider. I couldn’t believe my luck! My boyfriend and I made an appointment to visit with the foster mother and Pressley for the next day. On the drive up to our appointment my boyfriend and I decided we would give ourselves 24 hours after the meeting to really decide if this was the right decision for us. To be honest, I already knew it was the right decision and would have taken her home that night if I could. My boyfriend tends to be a tad more level headed than I am when it comes to serious decisions so I just agreed.

The second we walked in the door she was all over us. Licking at both of our faces, trying to jump up and cuddle with my boyfriend. As soon as I sat down she climbed right into my lap and started snuggling with me. We spoke with her foster mom and found out that she had been found roaming the streets and brought to a pound that was ready to put her down. CAA thankfully stepped in and brought her home. Just thinking of her living conditions before being saved is enough to get tears flowing.

After playing with the sweet little puppy for some time and discussing her background/needs with her foster mom, I told her we would let her know within 24 hours whether or not we were going to adopt her. I knew I wanted to bring her home right away but I remembered our agreement on the way up. Before I could even finish my sentence my boyfriend interrupted letting the foster mom know we were 100% taking her and asked when would be the earliest we could bring her home. We both knew we had found the perfect dog for us and that all we wanted was to give her the best home she deserved.

On May 6th, 2015  we brought her home. Her new name is Lily and adopting her is the best decision I have ever made. In the two short months that she has lived with us she has put on some much needed weight and been given tons of much deserved love. She is playful and sweet and has just the right amount of sass. Everyone who is introduced to her can’t help but gush about what a sweetheart she is. She has become quite the “puppy celebrity” in my building. It took her some time to get adjusted to the fact that she was in her new forever home. During the first week or so, whenever we would bring her for a walk, it felt like she was afraid she was being brought somewhere else. When the walk would finish back at our door she was so excited and happy to be home.


It’s hard to remember what it was like before we had her, even though it has only been two months. Seeing her evolve from slightly timid and scared to a happy, excited loving puppy has been incredible. She is aware that this is her home forever and that she isn’t going anywhere. It is seeing her evolution that only reinforced my belief that you should adopt pets rather than buying them. There are so many pets, especially after moving day on July 1st, that get abandoned and forgotten. There are so many pets who’s lives would change completely with more people making the decision to #AdoptNotShop.

It’s amazing to see this movement getting such recognition worldwide. So many people are making the decision to adopt and some pet stores have even stopped selling dogs and instead work with shelters to place dogs with loving families. Every time I look at Lily I see just how far she’s come in such a small period of time and just how much happiness she’s brought to both myself and my boyfriend. She is by far the best decision we have ever made.

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